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"Accessibility should not start with the physical, it should start with our community"


Providing everybody access to equitable opportunities to enjoy all freedoms of living and enabling individuals with disability and accessibility impairments to engage in all areas of society, including access to services, healthcare, education, employment, and socialisation within their local communities.

Who are we? 

The Accessibility Project (TAP) is a social enterprise which has been formed to research, challenge and create change to the barriers we face within our local communities and wider society. 


There are barriers to accessibility within every aspect of life. From physical barriers such as zero wheelchair access, narrow pathways, and doorways, as well as high shelving in shops. Furthermore, our world has seen new barriers which have stemmed from the global Covid-19 pandemic. These barriers include the requirement for all to wear masks which prevents those with speech and hearing impairments from communicating as successfully as they once could have.


What we do?


We work with YOU to create accessible and inclusive environments for everybody, especially for the disabled in our communities. We work with charities, education sectors, organisations, companies and anybody who wants our help to improve their spaces. The Accessibility Project delivers a variety of programmes that explore both your community and physical spaces and how we can advocate for accessibility. 

Through the project delivery programmes we teach, work, consult, and deliver improved accessibility. This could be a one off workshop with your staff, clients, or people body of your space, to a series of workshops, a talk or lecture, or a consultation on how to improve spaces. We also offer tailored programmes to you, so please, reach out! As well as this, we give back to the local communities we are based in, often running free workshops for grassroots organisations and working with the public. 

Why is our work important?


Accessibility barriers are affecting our lives more than ever! The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought awareness to the disabled community but it has also affected this particular community in ways able-bodied individuals can only imagine. Masks are vital for our safety, but restrict those who have hearing impairments. Vulnerable adults are experiencing isolation and mental health issues on a level higher than ever before, and we need to do something about it!

The Accessibility Project works with communities to empower vulnerable and disabled individuals to become a part of that community and socialise with others. The project also helps organisations understand accessibility barriers and how they can improve them, so everybody can use that organisation with ease. We need to get our community spirit back. We need to support those who are still isolating, and have done for nearly two years! We need to find a way to innovate our society for everybody to have equitable chances in life. Everybody deserves happiness, support, care, and success, and that's what we strive to do.


We would love to hear from you! Whether it is to book our services, a query or join The Accessibility Project family! Get in touch!

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